How to Foster Quality Early Childhood Education

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Ana Quintanilla, a transitional kindergarten teacher, works with students in small groups to help them hone their English-speaking skills. (Ana Tintocalis/KQED)

Recent research suggests that a child’s first years are critical to neurological development. And some education experts view preschool as a prime opportunity to close the educational gap faced by children from lower-income households. With so much riding on the first few years, early childhood education warrants attention … and some say – more funding. A recent article in the New York Times Magazine explored the many issues surrounding how to craft effective early childhood education…In this hour, we’ll talk to the author of that article and explore topics such as increasing teacher pay and training, and talk to experts about how to foster quality early education.

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Jeneen Interlandi, journalist; author, "Why Are Our Most Important Teachers Paid The Least"

Lea Austin, co-director, Center for the Study of Child Care Employment, UC Berkeley

Melissa Moses, Bay Area preschool teacher

Rebecca Gomez, edcuation program officer, Heising-Simons Foundation