‘Dolores’ Explores Dolores Huerta’s Life of Activism

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Dolores Huerta at a press conference. (Photo: Courtesy Walter P. Reuther Library Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University)

One rarely hears about farm workers' rights without also hearing about Cesar Chavez's legendary efforts to secure them. Not so for his organizing partner Dolores Huerta, whose contributions to the labor movement are equally important: she co-founded the union that became the United Farm Workers, coordinated nation-wide grape and lettuce boycotts and was injured while protesting then-presidential candidate George Herbert Walker Bush. The documentary “Dolores” not only recognizes Huerta's work but also asks why history has largely ignored it. The film, directed by Peter Bratt, chronicles Huerta’s activism, what it was like to be a woman at the center of the labor movement and the strains both placed on her relationship with her 11 children.

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Dolores Huerta,
cofounder, United Farm Workers; president, Dolores Huerta Foundation; subject of the documentary "Dolores"

Peter Bratt, director,"Dolores"; writer and director "La Mission"