What Sounds Would You Want to Remember if You Knew You Would Lose Your Hearing?

28 min
at 10:30 AM
 (Illustration: Mark Fiore/KQED)

When Matt Hay found out he was going to lose his hearing permanently, he decided he would memorize all the songs and sounds he didn’t want to forget. So he made the ultimate playlist -- from his girlfriend’s voice to songs from his favorite road trip. KQED's April Dembosky documented his story, and the soundtrack of songs he chose. She joins us to discuss. And we want to hear from you: If you knew you would lose your hearing forever, what songs or sounds would you want to remember?

The Soundtrack of Silence (KQED's Q'ed Up)

Matt Hay's Playlist:

April Dembosky, health reporter, KQED's The California Report