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Kelly Corrigan Wonders: A Mother Son Story of the Ultimate Transition

Kelly talks to Alex, a 15 year old trans boy, and his mother about making a big, necessary change. see more
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Faux Shrimp and Veggie Burgers That Bleed: The Future of Fake Meat

52 min
at 10:00 AM

Going meatless may soon get easier, even for the most devoted carnivores. Silicon Valley has become a breeding ground for man-made steaks and seafood--even veggie burgers that “bleed”-- and a host of companies betting that convincing flavor and texture can win over America’s meat-loving consumers. Proponents say that these animal-free alternatives can protect the environment and feed our growing population, but many people still struggle with the “ick factor” of lab grown meats. And are they really more healthy?


Tara Duggan, staff writer at the San Francisco Chronicle co-author with Jonathan Kauffman of "What is Meat?", the Chronicle's series on the race to develop sustainable fake meat.

Jonathan Kauffman, reporter with the San Francisco Chronicle

Uma Valeti, ceo and founder of Memphis Meats