Rebroadcast: Physicist Richard Muller on the Nature of 'Now'

at 9:30 AM
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The concept of now has challenged philosophers and physicists for thousands of years. Even Albert Einstein is said to have thought that “now” was outside the realm of scientific understanding. But in his new book, “Now: The Physics of Time,” UC Berkeley physicist Richard Muller says that much has changed since Einstein’s era and that the world is now capable of conquering the concepts of time and now. Muller argues that time, like the universe, is expanding, and what people experience as “now” is really the edge of newly-forming time. Muller joins Forum to discuss the nature of “now” and to explain why we perceive time the way we do.


Richard Muller, professor of physics, UC Berkeley; author, "Now: The Physics of Time" and "Physics for Future Presidents"