STD Rates in California, U.S. Soar

52 min
at 9:00 AM

Cases of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia reached a 20-year high in California in 2015, according to a report released Tuesday by the state health department. The report, which came on the heels of newly released CDC data tracking rising STD rates nationally, found the highest rates of infection among young people aged 15-24, African-Americans and men who have sex with men. Health officials attribute the rise in STDs to declining condom use and lack of access to clinics and testing. We discuss what can be done to reduce the STD rate in California and nationwide.


Susan Philip, director of disease control and prevention branch, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Heidi Bauer, chief, STD Control Branch, California Department of Public Health

Cherrie Boyer, research health psychologist, pediatric department, UCSF