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Salinas: A Rich City with High Crime and Poor Health

51 min
at 10:00 AM
 (Photo: Ken Lund/Flickr)

Salinas calls itself a city “Rich in Land. Rich in Values. Ripe with Opportunity." Its fertile land is a key part of the region's $7 billion agriculture and tourism economies. Yet despite that economic boon and proximity to Silicon Valley, to many, Salinas has never quite lived up to its potential: crime, youth homicide and housing costs remain high. We'll look at what keeps Salinas from capitalizing on its bounty and how its problems are emblematic of those besetting small cities across California.

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Salinas: California's Richest Poor City (


Joe Mathews , columnist and editor, Zocalo Public Square

Anna Caballero, former Salinas city councilmember, mayor, and state Aassemblymember; candidate for California Assembly District 30

Juan Govea, director of exhibits and education, Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History; former high school biology teacher at Salinas High School

Dana Kent, medical director of health promotion and education, Natividad Medical Foundation