Deciding Which Computer 'Algorithms to Live By'

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Brian Christian (left) and Tom Griffiths (right). (Henry Young)

From choosing a restaurant to buying a home, computers help us make a lot of decisions. Authors Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths say, computer algorithms can also help us determine when exactly to stop looking and when to take the leap. In their book, "Algorithms to Live By," Christian and Griffiths explain how algorithms can help us make more advantageous and satisfying decisions when it comes to dating, hiring employees, cleaning your closet, finding a parking spot... and even finding a place to buy in the Bay Area.

Brian Christian, co-author of "Algorithms to Live By" and "The Most Human Human."
Tom Griffiths, co-author of "Algorithms to Live By" and professor of psychology and cognitive science at UC Berkeley. Director of the UC Berkeley's Computational Cognitive Science Lab.