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NPR's Kelly McEvers Gets 'Embedded' in New Dangers

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at 9:00 AM
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Kelly McEvers is the host of NPR's "Embedded" podcast. (Photo: Jay L. Clendenin/NPR)

As NPR's former Baghdad correspondent, Kelly McEvers
immersed herself in many dangerous and traumatic situations.
Her new podcast, "Embedded," applies the same in-depth
reporting across a range of stories. In one episode McEvers
embeds with a biker club after a fatal shootout, and in another
she travels to El Salvador to see firsthand how gangs terrorize
families. McEvers, who is also the co-host of NPR's All Things
Considered, joins Forum to talk about her work and how she
convinces cops and opiate addicts to confide in her.


Kelly McEvers, host of "Embedded" podcast; co-host, NPR's "All Things Considered"