What will Bay Area life be like in 2021?

Join Devin Katayama, host of KQED's The Bay podcast, to talk through key questions Bay Area residents are grappling with in 2021.

What will life in the Bay Area be like in 2021? Will 2021 be better than 2020 (please)? Devin Katayama, host of KQED’s The Bay podcast will unpack this question with a cast of reporters, covering some of the biggest changes to life in the Bay Area. Will housing prices climb back up if/when tech workers return? What’s the future of BART? What will school look like when students go back in person? With the closure of arts venues and nightclubs, how have artists adapted? What did local and national fire authorities learn from 2020’s fire season? Soak up their insight and get curious alongside them as live audience questions inform the conversation.

This survey of life in the year ahead is brought to you by KQED’s podcast, The Bay, a local news show to keep you rooted in this messy and resilient place we call home.


  • Devin Katayama - Host
  • Molly Solomon - Housing
  • Dan Brekke - Transit
  • Danielle Venton - Climate/Fires
  • Sam Harnett - Work
  • Nastia Voynovskaya - Arts
  • Vanessa Rancano - Schools

Ticket Price
WHENMonday, January 25, 2021 6:00 PM (PT)