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Art & Tech in a Warming World with The New York Times

Date and Time
Tuesday, October 11, 2022 7:00 PM (PT)

From global warming models rendered as haunting musical compositions to augmented reality games designed to confront us with the disparate impacts of climate change for those most vulnerable, art and technology are converging in the face of our escalating climate emergency. Join KQED Live and The New York Times to experience the work of Bay Area creatives deploying technology in response to this crisis and to experience some of the art it is inspiring.

  • 6:00pm - Doors Open & Bar Service
  • 7:00pm -  Program
  • 8:30pm -  Post-Show Reception

Eduardo Del Signore will perform the premiere of Audyssey, a new work of music and data visualization commissioned by ClimateMusic.

Before and after the show, participate in the The Trash Exchange by Bay Area artist Danielle Baskin. The Trash Exchange is a playful experience that helps people realize the afterlife of objects they bring into their life—while also avoiding the items’ fate of going to landfill. It also serves as a fun conversation starter for guests to chat about their consumer habits—and will hopefully spark ideas for repurposing items.

Will taking home other people’s unwanted things inspire guests to spend more time repurposing their own? Or make them avoid purchasing future clutter in the first place?

Please bring along your favorite small piece of trash from home for a special art experience. Something that you’ve been meaning to send to landfill, like: a broken computer mouse left in a drawer, a dried up Sharpie, awkward packaging, a broken dog toy, or a mysterious plastic shape. Make sure it’s non-recyclable, non-perishable, non-toxic, and can fit in a brown paper bag.

This program is a prelude to an all-day event hosted by The New York Times the following day called "A New Climate: How can technology and art inspire change in a warming world?" Ticket-holders to the next day's event can register for free with a promo code provided by The New York Times, or ticket-buyers to this event at KQED will receive a code for 25% off tickets to the all-day Times event.

This event is presented in collaboration with The New York Times.


Plant-based foods provided by Beyond Meat.