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If Cities Could Dance: Voguing, Boogaloo, Bollywood, and You

Date and Time
Wednesday, June 1, 2022 7:00 PM (PT)

Join us to celebrate the the 5th season of KQED's Webby Award-winning digital video series If Cities Could Dance with an evening of all-levels dance tutorials from local Bay Area dancers profiled in past seasons, who will break down some of the fundamental moves in the featured styles of Voguing, Boogaloo and Bollywood that anyone can pick up.

Throughout, we'll screen episodes of the series showing dancers showcasing their hometown footwork in exquisite high-definition and wrap with a dance party where you can show off all your new moves!

Audience members are invited to participate in the dance tutorials or watch from their seats. 

A little more about our dancers & demos:

Amit Patel is a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher living in Fremont, California. As a first generation Indian American, Amit strives to fuse his cultures by bringing together different disciplines of dance. He is a pioneer of an unconventional style of dance called "Indian Contemporary," something Amit discovered when he fused his Eastern culture with his Western training. Amit is equally notable for his rebellious pieces in heels, known as “Bollywood Heels,” which challenge the norms of sexual identity in dance.

About his class: Bollywood Heels - This class fuses together Eastern and Western movement & music to have all the fun of Bollywood on HEELS! The goal of this class is to celebrate the power & beauty of diversity within dance. 

This class is a SAFE SPACE to explore sexual identity and gender roles within dance. Through exploration one can get to a place where embracing one's sexuality in dance can mean attaining a euphoric sense of empowerment. 

Everyone of all genders, sexual orientations, and ethnic/cultural backgrounds are welcome in this judgement-free class.

***Please wear Heels/shoes that you can move comfortably in***

Traci Bartlow is a multi-faceted artist, whose work as a creative director, dancer, choreographer, photographer, dance historian, producer, and director has allowed her to create and present unique art experiences. Bartlow has been teaching dance for more than 20 years, developing curriculum for youth programs throughout the Bay Area. Bartlow is a founding and core member of Eastside Arts Alliance and Eastside Cultural Center in Oakland where she developed the Oakland Hip Hop Dance Institute, a program that documents and preserves the history and culture of hip hop dance and creates opportunities for dancers and choreographers to study, research, create, and perform. As the director and choreographer for StarChild Dance, Bartlow’s choreography has been presented at the Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival, the Black Choreographers Festival, and The Sisyphus Syndrome-A Jazz Opera by Amiri Baraka.

About her class: Honoring Oakland's legacy of funk music and dance, this class taps into the Boogaloo dance style with Oakland native and cultural archivist Traci Bartlow.

Shireen Rahimi (Shea Mizrahi) is an Iranian-American dancer/choreographer from San Francisco, CA. In 2012, Shea moved to New York City and joined the legendary House of Mizrahi, representing the Woman’s Vogue category. In 2017 Shireen became the USA Mother of the international Kiki House of Angels, a house that focuses on the up & coming generation of ballroom performers. She also is a principal dancer for Les Ballet Afrik, a dance company founded by the Legendary Omari Mizrahi. Follow Shea‘s story on IG @EclecticOther

About her class: The goal of this beginner vogue femme class is to provide students with a clear fundamental understanding of the 5 elements of Voguing femme (hand performance, catwalk, duckwalk, spins/dips, and floor performance). Students can expect to learn the basic foundation of these elements along with knowledge of how vogue femme applies to the overall ballroom community.


Please be sure to wear sneakers if you plan on dancing to help protect your feet and our floors!