KQED Arts Video Collections and Professional Learning Courses

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From self-paced media production courses for educators to compelling art videos, explore KQED resources for enhancing art education teaching and learning. Use these art video collections from PBS LearningMedia in your classroom and continue to explore other resources from partner organizations.  


Elements of Art video collection explores the seven basic elements of art including Line, Shape, Form, Texture, Value, Space and Color. These are the building blocks of all art and are a good place to start when making, looking at or analyzing works of art.

Art and the Environment video collection focuses on artists whose environmental concerns are apparent in their work. Integrate the arts into eco-literacy, and discover different ways that artists address environmental issues through their art practice.

Outdoor Art  is a collection that showcases artists that incorporate nature into their works, from building rock sculptures to creating collages made from organic materials. With these videos, encourage your students to explore the elements of art while in the great outdoors. Learn about line, shape, color and texture while painting with water on the sidewalk, making flower collages and creating sculptures on the playground.


Drawing Ideas and illustration are often the foundation for creation. Artists often sketch ideas and flesh them out into detailed, 2D works, or they use sketching as a tool for building 3D or digital objects. Meet some of the most exciting artists around, and discover different ways that artists use drawing and illustration to communicate messages.

Animation, in all its forms, is one of the most popular creative careers these days, especially with students who are interested in film. From hand-drawn animation to animation used to create videos games, there are endless possibilities when it comes to studying this dynamic art form. Learn about the many aspects of animation through this collection of videos highlighting a range of animation artists. With this collection, you can learn about the history of animation in popular culture and get tips on how to start your career as an animator.

Social Studies and World History through Music and Dance. When students are learning about world cultures and global issues, infuse some engaging art content into your lessons with this collection of videos that focus on folk music and dance, from around the globe, that either maintains a tradition or adapts customary traditions with contemporary styling.

Art and Social Studies provide an opportunity for students to learn about world history, cultures, and geography while engaging creativity. Use this video collection to give students a sense of the role art has played in Chinese, African, Mexican, Iranian and Native American cultures and how contemporary artists interpret such global art traditions. Use the first two videos as a foundation for introducing students to a digestible timeline of art throughout history. Next, dive into this collection of short videos that reveal the intentions of today’s artists, and how they are inspired by historical works of art.

Culture Create Community is a collection of short, classroom-ready videos about artists and arts organizations that maintain or adapt traditional art forms and build a sense of community through their art practices. Use this collection to illustrate content covered in World History and Social Studies classes and to inspire meaningful visual and performing arts projects.

Art and Social Justice explores how artists create work that intersects with political activism and social justice causes. Throughout history, art has been used as an accessible tool for communication, raising awareness about social issues and affecting positive change. This video collection will introduce students to artists who create work that inspires dialogue about problems faced by communities around the world, and will provide inspiration for classroom projects with a social, public or political purpose.

Digital/ Mobile Art. In the digital age, artists have acquired new tools for creation including computers and mobile devices. This collection provides engaging background information about digital artists and art made using apps, computer graphics, and other digital tools.

Visual Arts with Art School provides resources for learning how to draw comic strips, create animations and much more. Empower folks of all ages to engage with contemporary art and discover new ideas for creativity from a variety of professional artists through this fun and engaging series.

Dance with Art School provides resources for learning how to breakdance, beatbox and vogue. Learn how to express yourself with nothing but your own body. 

Music with Art School provides resources for learning how to make a beat, skratch like a DJ, use music for social justice and much more. Learn how different types of music can help heal some communities and create hope for others.

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KQED Teach Sample Courses: Self Paced Professional Learning for Educators

(Find complete online courses offering here.)

Communicating with Photography
In this online, self paced professional learning course for educators you will:

  • Understand how photos communicate
  • Learn the basics of photo composition
  • Explore how lighting, perspective and filters change an image's story
  • Create your own photo essay

Digital Portfolios with Maker Ed
In this online, self paced professional learning course for educators you will:

  • Learn how to make and support youth-designed portfolios
  • Learn about Maker Ed's Open Portfolio Project
  • Practice the documentation process and explore digital portfolios tools
  • Create your own digital portfolio.

Making Digital Comics
In this online, self paced professional learning course for educators you will:

  • Learn how you might use digital comics in the classroom
  • Explore different styles and genres of comics
  • Learn the basic elements of the comic form


Explore art resources for educators and learners in this comprehensive working doc where you can find lesson plans, presentations, from California partners.