KQED at the CSTA Conference

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The California Science Teachers Association (CSTA) hosts a conference to focus on what California science educators need to know to hone their craft, stay updated on standards, and apply best practices gleaned from experts throughout the state. Join KQED, along with more than 1,800 educators who share a passion for science Friday, October 13th from 8:00 AM to Sunday, October 15th at 1:00 PM in Sacramento, California


Engineer Your Own Paper Microscope!
Saturday, October 14th
Sheraton, Camellia
12 - 1:30 PM

Use a multimedia story about a $1 microscope developed to diagnose diseases as inspiration to engineer your own microscope. Experience how engineering fits into three-dimensional learning through a sequence that targets both life science and physical science goals.

Engineering and Communicating Solutions for the Next Generation
Saturday, October 14th
Hyatt, Regency D
4:45 - 6:15 PM


Develop your knowledge of the engineering design process with a quick dip into a hands-on, student-centered design challenge. Discover how to engage your students in sharing their engineering stories through media-making activities.


Additional Resources:

Engineering for Good

Engineering for Good is a three-week, project-based learning unit for middle school science classrooms focused on developing solutions for negative impacts of plastics on the environment. In these NGSS-aligned lessons, students use the engineering design process to define a problem, brainstorm solutions, develop prototypes and iterate on their designs.