Five Videos for Celebrating Independence Day with Alexander Hamilton

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United States celebrates the people who helped build our nation and our independence every July 4th.  Get up close to one of the founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton and learn about his contributions to the United States with a selection of videos in PBS LearningMedia. From Lin-Manuel Miranda’s award winning production of Hamilton to Great Performances  videos,  use these videos to learn about both the award winning production and the history of U.S. independence.

Washington and Hamilton

During the Revolutionary War, Hamilton was Washington’s right hand man. From helping with war strategy to leading in battle, Hamilton was an integral aid in Washington’s success. Learn about Washington and Hamilton’s relationship with the following video clip.

The Federalist Papers

After the end of the Revolutionary War,  Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay wrote the Federalist Papers, 85 essays encouraging the ratification of the United States Constitution. These essays defined why and how the government ought to run in a certain way. Most notably, the essays layout ways of preventing against tyranny of the majority, they implement a system of judicial review, and establish a system of political checks and balances. Use this video to learn about foundational tenets of the American political system.


The Man Who Made America

As one of the author’s of the Federalist Papers, the first Secretary of the Treasury, and one of the Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton shaped the political, legal, and economic systems of a young United States. Checkout this infographic to learn about the life and influence of Alexander Hamilton.

The Immigrant

Hamilton was born in the Caribbean, and later immigrated to America. After writing about a devastating hurricane which struck St.Croix, a group of Americans created a fund for Hamilton to come and study in America. Learn about how Hamilton made it to America, and his life as an immigrant here with the following clip.

The Secretary of the Treasury

Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury, and in the first presidential cabinet under the Washington administration. He was responsible for creating much of the federal government from scratch, including the first budget system, tax system, monetary policy, and central bank. Watch this video to learn how Hamilton created the beginning foundations of the American economy.