Building a
place of trust.

KQED has transformed to better serve you, our valued listeners, readers and viewers. We launched Campaign 21 to fund digital production and distribution, grow our reporting teams and renovate our headquarters. We modernized how we produce and distribute programs, and engage with you.

Campaign 21—expanding programming and transforming our building

KQED’s editorial staff has nearly doubled in size over the last decade, helping ensure that we can tell the stories that matter most from every angle, and deliver them to you however you get your news — radio, television, phone, tablet, computer, smart speaker, etc.

KQED renovated our building to meet the changing needs of our staff, community and audience. The redesigned headquarters features a modern multi-disciplinary newsroom to house our expanded team of journalists, new digital spaces and additional edit suites, state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and new community convening spaces

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Building a Place of Trust
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Campaign 21 FAQs
What did Campaign 21 contributions make possible?
  • Expanded team of journalists
  • Modern multi-disciplinary newsroom
  • New digital production space and additional edit suites
  • State-of-the-art technical infrastructure
  • New community convening spaces — featuring The Commons
  • Why did KQED renovate?
    We’d outgrown the space a modern media organization needs to serve today’s diverse audiences. The renovated facility now houses an expanded team of journalists, and invites our audiences to engage with reporters and each other.
    Project Leadership
    KQED’s transformation was guided by its executive staff and a volunteer Board of leaders from across the Bay Area. External partners include architects EHDD, Cahill Construction and Oppenheim Lewis, project management.
    When can I visit KQED’s new building?
    In light of COVID and local health protocols, KQED postponed large celebratory Campaign donor events. We are currently working on other ways to share and celebrate Campaign impact.

    Meanwhile, audiences may attend KQED Live programming in The Commons.

    How will KQED recognize my gift?
    Individuals who made gifts of $2,601-$9,999 will be included on a special community wall in the entry lobby of 2601 Mariposa Street. Campaign donors of $10,000 and more will be prominently recognized on a brushed aluminum wall in the upper lobby. Both donor walls will be installed in January 2022. Gifts of $250,000 or more were recognized with named spaces throughout the building.

    More About Campaign 21

    Campaign 21

    Campaign 21: Tremendous Gratitude

    Campaign 21

    C21: New Horizons

    Architectural rendering of the upper lobby Timeline Wall display
    Campaign 21

    C21: Stitch Your Name Into KQED History

    Drawn images of young people talking and wearing headphones, some with microphones
    Campaign 21

    Campaign 21: Investing in Education

    Campaign 21

    C21: For You, With You and By You

    A bright pink box with the white text KQED Campaign 21 left justified. On the right is a photo of Sutro Tower, seen through a large window with the letter D etched into the glass.
    Campaign 21

    C21: New, Greener Views on the Horizon

    Campaign 21

    C21: Packing Up, Moving In, Looking Forward

    Several color-coded rods are surrounded by wires and other technical equipment; close up image.
    Campaign 21

    C21: The Future Is Today

    Image collage feature a 2x2 spread of photos. From left upper clockwise: KQED Campaign 21 with purple and pink gradient colors behind. 2 smiling faces. Renderings of new building. Renderings of interior wall of new building.
    Campaign 21

    C21: Partners in Progress


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