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Limon, the most popular Peruvian restaurant in San Francisco, closed for repairs in the spring after a fire in the hotel upstairs.

While fans of Limon wait for it to reopen, they now have another place to turn: Limon Rotisserie also located in the Mission.

Before going on, I need to 'fess up here: I am not hugely into Peruvian food. While I enjoy a good ceviche every once in a while, I just don't get the huge allure to the cuisine. Most Peruvian dishes I have fall flat, and I've found the flavors too subtle for me.

However, I was curious to try Limon Rotisserie. I was tempted by the rotisserie chicken, the casual atmosphere, and the inexpensive menu. Limon Rotisserie is a small corner location on Van Ness. The space is friendly with bright colors and comfortable seating.


A friend and I shared several dishes. The rotisserie chicken had flavor throughout, crispy skin, and delicious dipping sauces. The sauteed vegetables had been sauteed with soy sauce which gave them a great taste. The mixed ceviche was well balanced and generous. The fried yucca was crispy and went very well with the dipping sauces.

I will return. I enjoyed the casual atmosphere and came to the conclusion that maybe I've underestimated Peruvian food. The tab, including two Peruvian beers and the food mentioned above, came to $27 before tip -- an extremely reasonable price. I look forward to using Limon Rotisserie as a take-out place for chicken meals at home.

Limon Rotisserie
1001 S Van Ness Ave (at 21st)