KQED Readers Respond to Trump and Goya

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Readers respond to how they'll use or not use Goya products after statements from the company's CEO regarding President Trump. (Lina Blanco / KQED)

On July 10, Twitter users called for a boycott of Goya Foods after the company's CEO, Robert Unanue, praised President Trump during a Thursday visit to the White House. The Goya brand is used widely in many Bay Area markets and homes. We asked readers to respond to the call to boycott the brand and if they used any other local alternatives in light of Unanue's remarks.  Responses were gathered via Hearken and edited for style clarity.

"I am boycotting Goya. I have similar products in my pantry that are private-label cans." —Judi Friedman

"My Culture should not be tied to a brand. I'm sad about my sazón, but I'll still be making my own beans and following family recipes." — Lina Blanco

"Supporting Donald Trump and his divisive policies is not what a Spanish brand should be doing." — Gregory Dixon



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"Why boycott Goya? Boycotts are stupid and ineffective, only used for virtue signaling. The CEO went to see POTUS, so we're protesting?" —anonymous

"I was shocked to hear the CEO of Goya praise Trump in such a sycophantic manner. I am careful not to buy Goya now." —anonymous

"I don't and won't boycott Goya. The last time I looked, this is America where we all should be able to have an opinion without backlash." — Sara Candelaria

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