Twitter's Guy Fieri Costumes Are Amazing

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This article is more than 3 years old.
The effort put into the essence of Guy Fieri by Twitter user @RawBeautyKristi is truly bomb-dot-com. (Twitter/@RawBeautyKristi)

Keep your Jareds, your Kanyes and your Keanus (I could actually never forsake Keanu Reeves, but I’m trying to make a point here), because this Halloween, the only idol I'm considering following is good old Guy Fieri, a Bay Area treasure.

People love to dunk on the Mayor of Flavortown, but he deserves some respect for wholeheartedly, albeit comically, enjoying every sip and bite he takes on-screen. He also helped feed evacuees of fires in 2017, and is at it again with the ongoing Kincade fire.

Despite his haters, Fieri can usually be found in high spirits, and his Twitter account proves that he can take the jokes and even dish some towards himself. This Halloween, his nod to his influence on pop culture—and, truly, giving us a gift in the process—is a thread for fans to share their best Guy Fieri costumes.

The people have not disappointed. Here are some favorites out of the many Guy Fieri costumes his 3.3 million followers have shared.

Let's start with this one, where the user @RawBeautyKristi did her own classic Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives opener:


In this one, an entire group of people went so far as dressing up as Fieri, and then went on a party bus. Where was our invite?

A group of Guy Fieris slow-mo walking into the party with sliders in hand? Dynamite.

There are also some bomb-dot-com Photoshop entries that would make Fieri proud.

Even the kids are getting into it:

Say what you will about Fieri's bleached tips, silly lingo and exuberant eating style, but he's definitely a good sport: he says he'll retweet his favorite costumes until Oct. 31. See the full thread for yourself.