Divisadero Farmers Market

shoppers at divisadero farmers marketHaving lived through a rash of daylight shootings up and down my immediate area of Divisadero last summer (no deaths, yet no arrests, natch), I was definitely cynical about the new farmers' market at Divisadero and Grove. Comments like, "Is that Swiss cheese or bullet holes? " and "I guess I'll definitely be getting my iron at this market!" flew between my husband and myself. However, I was also excited by the prospect of walking only two blocks to get my hands on some (hopefully) prime produce.

Clearly, I wasn't the only one whose mind ran along those lines, because denizens of SFist were likewise snarky and hopeful when the news was announced:

"People! I think we have a solid nominee for next year's SFBG "Best Farmer's Market At Which To Get Shot"..."

"Bitchin'! I just moved there. Now I can buy tomatoes to the sound of cat-calls being made at anything with boobs!"



"Thankfully the gun activity around there seems to have died (ahem) down compared to last year, but it's still a thug magnet. I guess Sunday afternoon is one of the better times to take parking away from Lily's BBQ and the pot club, but the lot is TINY - where are the farm trucks going to park, in the lot? Sounds like a potential clusterfuck, but I appreciate the efforts of NOPNA and ASNA to improve their property values. OK, that was snarky. I'll be there!"

My biggest curiosity was: "Who will go?" and I got my answer on opening market day, last Sunday, July 13: Lots of people.


Sure, it wasn't at all like being thronged within an inch of your life at the Ferry Building, but a hearty neighborhood crowd did turn out to look over the exotic Asian vegetables, okra and squash from Modesto, summer fruit a-plenty, a riot of jewel-bright flowers.


While a few denizens stood on the periphery and disdainfully counted how many farm stalls made up this half-block farmer's market, more jumped right in and shopped, pausing only to sign Ross Mirkarimi's petition to continue his superhero tenure as the District 5 supe.

Ross Mirkarimi

The North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association manned a table to collect membership donations, sell "Respect the Neighborhood" bags and signs, and hand out flyers for the Alamo Square Flea Market.

respect the neighborhood signs and bags

At the end of the 30 minutes it took to make a full circuit and go back to buy, I went home with a bag filled with dusky-scented tomatoes and warm fuzzies. I'll definitely be going back.

Operated by the Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association, the Divisadero Farmers' Market is located on Grove at Divisadero and operates on Sundays from 10 AM-12 PM until September 12th.