Up From the Ashes: North Bay Fires

The North Bay fires of October 2017 ravaged Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties, leaving entire neighborhoods destroyed and the community reeling with loss and uncertainty. KQED Arts tells the stories of the many artists, chefs and other creatives who are, or aren't, rebounding from the damage after their loss — and of those lending their talents to the resilience effort for healing and recovery.

Up From the Ashes, Six Months After the North Bay Fires

For Undocumented Workers, an Uphill Journey After the Fires

Napa Camp for the Blind to Rebuild for Future Generations

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Rising Up from the North Bay Fires

Photo Recap: Band Together Bay Area Raises Millions for Fire Relief

One Month Later

Ashes Mixed with Molten Glass: A Napa Sculptor's Future Takes Shape

Amidst its Own Loss, a Santa Rosa Violin Shop Assists Fire Victims