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A fur covered creature sits at a desk and watches two tiny figures in orange costumes dance.

A New Documentary Examines the ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’ and Asks: Why?

Inside a house, a middle-aged Black man stands next to a Black teenage girl. Standing slightly before them is a white woman with long brown hair and a white man with greying hair and beard. All are staring in the same direction. All look very concerned.

‘Leave the World Behind’ Is a Terrific Blend of Thriller, Disaster and Satire

A pale woman in dark sunglasses gazes forward, mouth slightly agape in wonder.

‘Poor Things’ Is a Gloriously Anarchic Celebration of Life Without Limits

Hundreds of people wearing matching green tracksuits stand at one end of a vast room with sandy colored floor and walls painted to resemble the sky.

‘The Challenge’ Is Understanding Why the ‘Squid Game’ Game Show Was Green-Lit

An illustration of a hand moving through a doorway, clutching a dangling key.

A Theater Critic and a Hotel Maid Are on the Case in Two Captivating Mystery Novels

An unkempt man wearing a brown overcoat walks through a park eating an ice cream.

Gary Oldman Had ‘Free Rein’ in Spy Thriller ‘Slow Horses’ — Now Back for Season 3

A blonde woman wearing a 1950s-style wine-red suit dances with her hair tousled over her face next to a younger girl in a black dress. Behind them is an old jukebox and other figures dancing.

‘Eileen,’ a Wonderful Novel About an ‘Invisible’ Young Lady Becomes an Oddball Film

‘Thriller 40’ Revels in the Magic of Early Michael Jackson — and Sidesteps His Controversies

Six Christmas-themed album covers arranged in a grid.

Fill Your Holiday With New Albums by Cher, Andrea Bocelli, Brandy and More