A book lies open on a glass-topped table. It is accompanied by a pair of round spectacles and a coffee jug.

These 4 Novels Will Get Your Summer Off to a Terrific Start

View of large dark theater with presenter and band on stage, projected cartoon image behind them

‘Pop-Up Magazine’ Returns to Oakland with Homegrown Talent

Hanif Abdurraqib in a "midwest kids" sweatshirt, smiling at the camera

The Children of Hip-Hop Take Center Stage at the Bay Area Book Festival

Michael Wayne Turner III, 'Satisfied'

Andrea Abi-Karam, 'Poetry as Forces'

Young Black woman in glasses with braids

Serenity Belton, 'Mask'

Poet Terisa Siagatonu poses while sitting amongst the trees.

We All Come From Water: Poetry from the Edge

a man in a peach sweatshirt sits looking sternly at the camera

Dazié Grego, 'Middle Passaged'

Janelle Monáe stands next to a window, her figure reflected in the glass, wearing a oversized man's suit and transparent sunglasses.

Janelle Monáe's 'Dirty Computer' Comes Alive in a New Collection of Stories