On Friendships and Basketball Shorts: Adult ISH x Rightnowish

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Host of Adult ISH Nyge Turner and Rightnowish host Pendarvis Harshaw
Nyge Turner and Pendarvis Harshaw

Friendships can be hard for anyone.

As an adult you need to navigate staying in contact with old friends, getting past the awkward early stage of new friends, and deciding if certain friendships are healthy or unhealthy. This doesn’t even touch on time constraints, and the difficulty of socializing since the beginning of the pandemic.

But maybe we make friendships harder than they have to be?

This week on Rightnowish, we’re making new friends! This is a special crossover episode with YR Media’s Adult ISH podcast.

After spending a day riding around with Adult ISH host Nyge Turner in his hometown of Richmond, we jump into a conversation about how some friendships are as old as our collection of basketball shorts, while new friendships are hidden behind different social barriers of adulthood.

We hope you enjoy, friend.

To read the full transcript, visit the Adult ISH episode page.

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