About "Fusion City"
"Fusion City" is an expansion of the essay Braverman wrote for the Economist Prize. It's about 3 women who meet episidocally to bear witness to the childhood they shared as marginalized girls in a region that detested its inhabitants and thought them incapable of making art. They had been consigned to deletion and transcended their cirumstances, surviving magnificently. It's a fairy tale rendered in subverted poems disguised as essays, meditations on history and architecture, still lifes and stand-up comedy, held together with threads of hallucinatory glittering language that ignites like landmines and fragmentation bombs, conflagrations. It's the first essay in Kate's new "accidental memoir," Frantic Transmission to and from Los Angeles, winner of the Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize and released in February 2006. Frantic Transmissions is a sculptural rather than painterly book, but if the stars are alligned, it might be Kate Braverman's fire dance, the time she tamed flame.