September 2016 - Latino Heritage Month

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Independent Lens “East of Salinas”
Independent Lens “East of Salinas” (Courtesy of Kate Schermerhorn)

In September, KQED proudly celebrates the diversity of our community with a special Latino Heritage Month programming lineup on KQED Public Television.

Premiere dates are listed below. Please click on each program for additional airdates and information.


Saturday, 9/10
6pm Truly CA: Our State, Our Stories “Stable Life”

Truly CA "Stable Life"
Truly CA "Stable Life"

Dionicia and Jose Luis have gambled their futures on the hardscrabble sport of horse racing. Will they succeed or will their lack of immigration papers prevent them from achieving the stable life of their dreams?

Saturday, 9/17
6pm Voces on PBS “Now en Español”
Explore the lives of the five Latina actresses who dub Desperate Housewives into Spanish.


10pm Voces on PBS “Children of Giant”

Voces on PBS "Children of Giant"
Voces on PBS "Children of Giant" (Courtesy of Richard C. Miller)

Explore the making of the 1955 film Giant and its powerful examination of Anglo/Mexican-American relations.

 Saturday, 9/24
6pm Rebel: Voces Special Presentation “Loreta Janeta Valazquez”
Loreta Velazquez, a woman and a Cuban immigrant, secretly served as a soldier during the U.S. Civil War.

10:45pm American Comandante: American Experience
Meet William Morgan, the larger-than-life American who rose to power in Cuba during the revolution.

Monday, 9/26
10pm   Voces on PBS “Tales of Masked Men”
Mexican wrestling and its role in Latino communities in the United States and Mexico are explored.


Saturday, 9/10
12:30pm America by the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa “The New Mad Men”

American by the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa "The New Mad Men" (Credit: Courtesy of Paul DeLumen)

We take an exclusive look inside LatinWorks, one of the most successful multicultural ad agencies in the country, and learn how they are speaking to the multicultural millennial market.

11pm    Latino Americans “Empire of Dreams”
See how the American population is reshaped by Latino immigration from 1880 to the 1940s.

Sunday, 9/11
11am   Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose “Costa Rica: Quest for Pura Vida”
Adventurer Richard Bangs explores the ecological nexus of North and South America - Costa Rica.

Tuesday, 9/13
11pm   Voces on PBS “Lemon”
A poet/performer tries to bring his story to the New York stage while battling his darkest demons.

Saturday, 9/17
11pm   Latino AmericansWar and Peace”
Learn how Latino Americans serve their country in World War II, yet still face discrimination at home.

Tuesday, 9/20
11pm   American Masters “Pedro E. Guerrero: A Photographer's Journey”

American Masters “Pedro E. Guerrero: A Photographer’s Journey”
American Masters “Pedro E. Guerrero: A Photographer’s Journey” (Courtesy of Pedro E. Guerrero Archives)

Discover the life and work of Mexican American photographer Pedro E. Guerrero.

Saturday, 9/24
11pm   Latino Americans “The New Latinos”
Review the years when Puerto Rican, Cuban and Dominicans seek economic opportunities in the United States.

Sunday, 9/25
12:30pm Great Performances “Dudamel Conducts the Verdi Requiem at the Hollywood Bowl”
Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic perform a concert of Verdi's towering Requiem Mass.

2:30pm Music Voyager “Miami: The Magic City
Hear the sounds of Miami's electronic dance music scene and visit the colorful mural district.

8pm Secrets of the Dead “Teotihuacan's Lost Kings”

Secrets of the Dead “Teotihuacan’s Lost Kings”
Secrets of the Dead “Teotihuacan’s Lost Kings” (Courtesy of Story House Productions (Anika Dobringer))

A team of scientists explores royal tombs beneath the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuacan.

9pm Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle — A Voces Special
The life and death of Ruben Salazar, a prominent Civil Rights era journalist, is investigated.

10pm   Voces on PBS “El Poeta”
Mexican poet Javier Sicilia ignited an international movement for peace after the murder of his son.

Tuesday, 9/27
11pm    Hemingway in Cuba
Travel to Cuba to capture Hemingway's old haunts — many of which remain unchanged — and explore his real-life adventures in Cuba.

KQED World

Saturday, 9/17
5am Independent Lens “The Graduates”
This two-part special examines the many roots of the Latino dropout crisis through the eyes of six inspiring young students who are part of an ongoing effort to increase graduation rates for a growing Latino population.

Wednesday, 9/21
noon    Voces on PBS “Escaramuza: Riding from the Heart”
A gutsy team of women rodeo riders vies to represent the United State at the National Charro Championships.

1pm Independent Lens “East of Salinas”
With little support at home, Salinas, CA., third grader Jose Ansaldo often turns to his teacher, Oscar Ramos, once a migrant farm kid himself. Oscar helps Jose imagine a future beyond the lettuce fields where his parents work.

 Saturday, 9/24
5:30am Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution
This documentary tells the virtually unknown story of Cuban revolutionaries Frank Pais and Juan Antonio Echeverria.

 Wednesday, 9/28
7am The Salinas Project
The film profiles several children of migrant farm workers living in a predominantly Latino neighborhood of Salinas.

Sunday, 9/25
8pm Latino Americans “Pride and Prejudice”
Witness the creation of the proud “Chicano” identity and growing Latino activism.

9pm Latino Americans “Peril and Promise”
Examine growing Latino influence on American culture and the debate over undocumented immigrants.

Tuesday, 9/27
8am The Fidel Castro Tapes
News and documentary footage — past and present — are used to detail the life and times of one of the most controversial political figures of the 20th century.


Tuesday, 9/6
10pm Conquistadors With Michael Wood “The Fall of the Aztecs”
The story of the 16th century conquest of the Aztec empire in Mexico by Hernan Cortes is detailed.

Tuesday, 9/13
10pm Conquistadors With Michael Wood “The Conquest of the Incas”
Conquistador Francisco Pizarro, exploring south of the equator, uncovers the empire of the Incas.

Thursday, 9/15
9pm Latino Americans “Foreigners in Their Own Land
Survey the history and people from the first Spanish explorations in North America to the Mexican-American War.

Tuesday, 9/20
10pm Conquistadors With Michael Wood “The Search for El Dorado”
The third episode begins in Quito, Ecuador, and relates the amazing story of the 16-month Spanish expedition, led by Gonzalo Pizarro, to find El Dorado, the mythical land of gold.

Tuesday, 9/27
10pm Conquistadors With Michael Wood “All the World Is Human”
In 1528, conquistadors, dreaming of gold, land in Florida to begin their exploration and conquest.

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