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Mighty Warriors of Comedy

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Mighty Warriors of Comedy is a rousing introduction to one of the most devastatingly funny comedy troupes of the past decade, the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors (18MMW), an audacious Asian American sketch comedy troupe hailing from San Francisco, and now trying to break into TV and movies in LA.


Despite their name, the group is actually made up of nine members who have been performers and friends together for more than 15 years. Their individual voices combine together to create magic on stage, tackling socio-political issues with a hilarious combination of irreverence and seriousness. Since their premiere production, the Warriors have written and produced a dozen feature shows, performed numerous workshop productions and benefit one-night stands around the greater Bay Area, and toured nationally and internationally at colleges, universities, arts festivals and theatrical venues.

But most people in mainstream America have never heard of them. Why?

Is it simply because they haven't enjoyed break-out success past the confines of their San Francisco home, or their primarily Asian American fan base? Or is their brand of humor simply not accessible to an average American audience? Or could it be that the current Hollywood machine would never give an Asian American troupe the big break they need, to see if they could indeed cross over? Or, further yet, is it simply that Asian Americans simply aren't that funny?


Mighty Warriors of Comedy allows you to judge for yourself. The documentary not only provides an entertaining glimpse into the world of the Warriors, but also an eye opening exploration of why a troupe like the Warriors, no matter how funny, may never have the mainstream popularity they deserve. Utilizing a combination of personal interviews and live concert footage, the documentary traces the struggle that the fringe artist faces, and how that battle is complicated further by cultural identification.

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