Donor Story Transcript - Paul and BeckyDonor Story Transcript - Paul and Becky

Paul and Becky, KQED Legacy Society Members

Paul [00:00:00] It's hard to remember when I started watching PBS and listening to public radio.

Becky [00:00:08] Hi, I'm Becky.

Paul [00:00:10] I'm Paul.

Becky [00:00:11] And we're members of the Legacy Society at KQED. We've lived in Rossmoor in Walnut Creek for the last six years and love the area.

Paul [00:00:21] I really enjoy cooking and it's such a pleasure to work in our kitchen.

Becky [00:00:28] We like to go to the farmers market. We like getting fresh produce from the different farms that we've come to know. We're proud to be a part of the funding for KQED.

Paul [00:00:39] We sold some property and the tax consequences of that was significant. We looked into establishing a charitable gift annuity with KQED, and it made a lot of sense. Among the benefits that we receive from our charitable gift annuity with KQED is that we got a tax deduction in the year we made the contribution, and we get annuity payments throughout the years, part of which is tax free. We chose KQED because it's such an integral, important part of our lives.

KQED Announcer [00:01:18] A Charitable Gift Annuity provides income for life. For details, call 415.553.2230 or visit