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A flock of birds with black and white wings flies over a watery pea green landscape below -- their shadows marking the colorful salt pond below..

Migratory Birds Return As Salt Ponds Heal: Documenting a Damaged World in Transition

A map of the Bay Area and inland California. Scattered across it are red, blue, orange and green triangles and circles each representing a toxic site that could be impacted by sea level rise.

See a Map of Bay Area Hazardous Sites at Risk From Rising Seas

A Black woman with long black braids is wearing a purple shirt that reads 'Can we Live.' People are standing on the cement steps of San Francisco City Hall holding signs about environmental justice for the neighborhood of Bayview-Hunters Point.

'Poorly Prepared': SF Civil Grand Jury Slams City for Not Protecting Residents From Toxic Contamination

Black smoke exits a tall grey smokestack.

California Climate Rules Won't Be Undercut by Supreme Court's Ruling, Experts Say

Cal Fire Fumbles Key Responsibilities to Prevent Catastrophic Wildfires Despite Historic Budget

How Rising Sea Levels Could Push Up a 'Toxic Soup' Into Bay Area Neighborhoods

A dark-chocolate skinned man wearing blue shorts and a yellow shirt walks past a gleaming array of solar panels that fills a vast field of yellow-green grass, far out to the horizon. The photo is a solar farm in Karnataka, India.

It's Not Too Late To Stave Off the Climate Crisis, U.N. Report Finds. Here's How

Youth Vs. Apocalypse Joins Global Day of Action for Climate March

Woman in white shirt and orange vest stands in front of floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the ocean. A 6-foot tall, clear cylinder of water is in front of the windows in the background. There’s a row of turquoise-colored buckets behind her.

To Understand Sea Level Rise, This Climate Artist Wants You to Feel It in Your Body