Podcast Help

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are digital media files that can be listened to "on demand" on portable audio devices and computers. We offer audio archives of over-the-air programs, as well as original online-only audio podcasts.

You can also watch video podcasts for selected television and online-only programs, and KQED Members have access to KQED Passport with an extended library of videos.

Podcasts can be downloaded or, on some applications, streamed. You don’t need to be connected to the internet to listen to podcasts you have pre-downloaded . Listen on the go — on BART, in the car, or wherever you may be!

Where can I find KQED podcasts?

Our Podcast directory showcases KQED podcasts as well as the most popular national NPR programs.

You can also find KQED podcasts in Apple podcasts or in the podcast app you use on your mobile device.

How do I subscribe to a KQED podcast?

You will find a "Subscribe" link under the podcasts in KQED's Podcast directory. Use that link to subscribe or to copy and paste an RSS link in to your preferred podcast tool.

On an iPhone, open the Podcast app and use the search tab to find the KQED podcast you’re looking for. Tap the podcast icon, then tap the "subscribe" button.

When you subscribe to any application, you’ll automatically receive new episodes as they are released. Each podcast has its own publication schedule, but if you subscribe, you’ll receive them as soon as they are published.

You can always stream or download episodes of KQED’s podcasts on KQED.org if you’re at your desktop computer.

You can also find and subscribe to podcasts in NPR One.

Can I order a CD of a KQED program?

If the audio archive or podcast of a program doesn't meet your needs, there are selected programs that can be ordered on CD.

Why aren't there audio archives for all City Arts & Lectures episodes?

The podcast rights for City Arts & Lectures episodes varies. Many podcasts can be found on the City Arts website. If you would like to contact City Arts directly, please use this page cityarts.net/contact/

Happy Listening!