Ocean Acidification Awareness Game

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Test your knowledge of ocean acidification. This multiple-choice game contains four questions in each of three categories: Ocean Dynamics, Ocean Chemistry, and Life in the Ocean. Students can test their knowledge as a pre-test or post-test, compiling points to see what they know. This game is part of our Ocean Acidification Education series.

Extension Activity

  • Have students write a “news flash” about ocean acidification. They should communicate what is important for people to know about ocean acidification in 200 words or fewer.

Next Generation Science Standards

Performance Expectation: Apply scientific principles to design a method for monitoring and minimizing a human impact on the environment. MS-ESS3-3

Disciplinary Core Idea: Human activities have significantly altered the biosphere, sometimes damaging or destroying natural habitats and causing the extinction of other species. But changes to Earth’s environments can have different impacts (negative and positive) for different living things. ESS3.C Human Impacts on Earth’s Systems

Crosscutting Concept: Cause and effect