Career Spotlight: Microbiologist

Aindrila Mukhopadhyay is a microbiologist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where she investigates the most effective ways to use microbes to convert plants into biofuels. Mukhopadhyay leads a multidisciplinary team studying stress response in bacteria. Her work ranges from hands-on research to grant writing. As a student Mukhopadhyay was always passionate about science, and she went on to earn a doctorate in chemistry. Every day she celebrates “small victories” at work and enjoys improving biofuels that will power the cars of today and tomorrow.

This video is part of our Energy collection.

Pre-viewing Questions

  • What problems related to renewable energy do you think a microbiologist might work on?
  • What tools do you think a microbiologist uses? What skills might be important in this job?

Focus Questions for Viewing

  • Why does Aindrila Mukhopadhyay say that biofuels research is important?
  • What are biofuels?
  • What is Mukhopadhyay’s research group investigating?
  • What does she spend most of her time doing?
  • Who collaborates with her?
  • What sciences are important in Mukhopadhyay's background?
  • What does she like most about her job?
  • What skills does a microbiologist need or use on the job?
  • What personal characteristics does Mukhopadhyay think are a good fit for this career?

Post-viewing Questions

  • What aspects of this career are most interesting to you?
  • What questions do you still have?

Extension Activity

Have your students create their own renewable energy career spotlight video or narrated slideshow! Research local companies, colleges, and universities for people working in the field who students can contact for an interview. A worksheet with tips for planning interviews and information about creating narrated slideshows and videos can be found in the Media-Making Toolkit for Science Education.

Links to Learn More

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NGSS Correlations

  • Performance Expectation: Evaluate competing design solutions for developing, managing, and utilizing energy and mineral resources based on cost-benefit ratios. HS-ESS3-2
  • Disciplinary Core Idea: All forms of energy production and other resource extraction have associated economic, social, environmental, and geopolitical costs and risks, as well as benefits. New technologies and social regulations can change the balance of these factors. HS-ESS3.A: Natural Resources
  • Science and Engineering Practices: Asking questions and defining problems, planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing and interpreting data