Life-Size Mouse Trap Needs Your Help!

Mark Perez's Life Size Mouse TrapIf you've been to Maker Faire in recent years, you've no doubt noticed the Mark Perez's Life Size Mouse Trap holding center stage in one of the outdoor areas just waiting to go for a spin.

If you haven't already seen it, this giant "toy" is a Rube Goldberg machine come to life. Weighing in at two tons, the mouse trap takes four days to set up and a one day breakdown with a 10 person crew.

Inspired by the board game Mouse Trap, this Bay Area troupe has been delighting audiences with their giant kinetic sculpture since 2008.

Looking to continue touring around the US, they need your help! The mouse trap costs about $3.00 per mile to transport, adding up to some serious fees for long road trips. Perez's group has started a kickstarter to help fund future touring aspirations. The group hopes to build veggie oil fueled touring equipment to drastically lower costs. If you'd like to help out, visit their Kickstarter page and watch this video:


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