The Kylo Ren Challenge is the Greatest Thing to Happen to Instagram in Ages

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It's possible to go a little crazy this time of year. There's the general overindulgence of the holiday season, housebound family time, and that black hole between Christmas and New Year's Eve where you don't even want to watch Die Hard anymore.

Not only has The Last Jedi been something for the world to treasure during the slowest weeks of the year, it's also responsible for one of the greatest hashtags to hit Instagram in ages. #Kylorenchallenge is simple but brilliant; earnest but hilarious; something to be enjoyed by Star Wars fans and mockers alike. All you have to do is try and copy Kylo Ren's outfit in that memorable shirtless scene.

Like this:



And this:


And also this:


Remarkably, the person we have to thank for all this is John Mayer, who posted this gem on December 30:


Some have incorporated props for added authenticity:


It has become a challenge for all ages:


And genders:


Even inanimate objects:


It's also been a chance to celebrate Kylo Ren pants before they were Kylo Ren pants.

Via Prince:


And Urkel:


And Danny DeVito:


Truly, this was the challenge America needed to take us into 2018 on the right note: it's all-inclusive, easy to pull off on any budget, and a means to transform something that was originally dark into something light and hilarious. So hike up those black pants, turn your camera to the selfie setting and hashtag away.