8 Friday Situations In Which #TurnUp May Apply To You

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Image via Buygore and Dim Mak

It's Friday, so obviously I am here at my desk, listening to sad old lady music, wondering what the kids are up to. Since we all know that Youngs are totally over Facebook, I first turned to Twitter and saw the hashtag #TurnUp was trending. "What is this?" I thought to myself. "Is this related to Miley Cyrus?" Because pictures are easier than words, and it IS Friday, I decided to go deep into Instagram to see if I could discover the true meaning of #TurnUp.

After extensive research, the jury is still out on an exact meaning of #TurnUp. I'm getting a general idea, though, of the variety of ways in which this hashtag may be used. So, for your edification and so you can look cool in front of your nieces and nephews this weekend, here are eight situations in which #TurnUp may apply to you.

1. It's Your 21st Birthday and There Are Snacks 

It's possible #TurnUp is related to lowered expectations.


2. You Are a Drunk High School Teacher

Or you are a high school teacher who wishes they were drunk.

3. You and Your Friends Are Still Young Enough to Feel a Thrill When You Flip Off a Camera

Hold on to your youth guys.

4. You Have a Puppy

This one I totally get. SOMEONE BUY ME A PUPPY.

5. The Only Mustache You Can Grow Is Actually a Backpack

You aren't foolin' anyone kid, but I like your gumption.

6. You've Never Had a Real Hangover

Liquor before beer...oh god I'm nauseous just looking at this. Oh to be 21 again. Actually no, if this is #TurnUp then I am fine with being #TurnDown.

7. You've Never Had a Hangover Because You're an Adorable Mormon Dinosaur or Unicorn

Either way, I guess thankfully you can #TurnUp without alcohol. You can #TurnUp on life.

8. You Have a Positive Attitude About Small Amounts of Money

It's okay kid, if you work hard and go to school, maybe someday you can make more than $.50 an hour. Or else, don't worry about it! #TurnUp! This country runs on credit card debt.