Dame Judi Dench Rapping With Lethal Bizzle Is the Most British Thing You'll See All Year

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Lad Bible

When we want to soak up some British culture without actually leaving the country, there are a few reliable activities that all Americans can fall back on: watching Downton Abbey marathons, reading Vanity Fair's never-ending coverage of the Windsors and, of course, re-visiting the Greatest Hits of the Spice Girls. (For the record, it is perfectly fine to do that last one at least once a week.)

This week, however, Lad Bible presented the world with a new and exciting way to enjoy the United Kingdom in all of its culture-clashing glory. Behold! UK grime MC, Lethal Bizzle, teaching Dame Judi Dench to rap. This is 100 % a real thing.

The joy of this video manifests on so many levels, it's hard to absorb it all until you've watched it a couple of times.

Most obviously, there's the easy overcoming of cultural and racial divides. There's "Dame Ju to the D" grappling with her own performance limitations, possibly for the first time ever. There's also her willingness to don a baseball cap and overcome her own inherent poshness in the pursuit of street knowledge. Then, there's Bizzle's sweet encouragement and enthusiasm for teaching a national treasure, who seems very concerned about uttering phrases like, "Everywhere I go, gang rollin'."


Watching Bizzle with the Dame is basically the musical equivalent of trying to teach your nan how to play Nintendo on Christmas Day; everyone knows it's hopeless, but, by God, it's fun.

This unlikely (and utterly joyful) collaboration came about in part, thanks to the fact that Bizzle has had a clothing company named Dench since 2012 (that's one of his snapbacks Dame Judi puts on at the start), coupled with the fact that the real life Dench is, apparently, always up for a laugh.

If nothing else, you are unlikely to hear Dame Judi Dench utter the words "Big, big batty on the left" ever again, so we suggest saving this somewhere special. Other than your heart, obviously.