Chrissy Teigen Should Have a Reality Show Just About Tweeting

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This article is more than 5 years old.
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen is an exceptional model. She's beautiful, memorable, and has a persona that somehow manages to capture alluring sensuality and girl-next-door innocence simultaneously. Because of the popularity and appeal that's followed since the 2010 Sports Illustrated shoot that turned her into a star, people have been giving Chrissy Teigen jobs on television. Unfortunately, she has come across poorly in almost all of them.

The pinnacle of this was the Billboard Music Awards in 2015. Teigen hosted the show alongside Ludacris and spent the entire evening making gratuitous references to her husband, John Legend, in a self-conscious manner that suggested she had no personality outside of being attached to his. The evening started with her introducing herself in a way that denigrated her own achievements, with the phrase: “I bang a musician.” As the show moved along, things did not improve.

The following year, Teigen joined Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle as a “color commentator.” In actuality, she stayed almost entirely silent for the first season of the show, trapped in a DJ booth that she clearly wasn’t operating. Mostly she stood around, waved her arms in the air, laughed like she may or may not pee her pants, and mimed along in a manner that, frankly, distracted from the main event. Though Chrissy Teigen’s role on the show has since improved, at the start, she was left to her own devices and was, quite clearly, lost. Social media wondered aloud and repeatedly what she was even doing there.

Based on Teigen’s TV roles so far, it’s been easy to assume that she’s a person that desperately wants to be wacky and fun and self-deprecating, but doesn’t actually have the personality to pull it off. For a little while there, the woman we all desperately wanted to be more than a pretty face seemed very much like she might actually just be a pretty face.


That was until Teigen embraced Twitter with both thumbs and ran with it.

Sure, she’s always had her moments. In 2014, we got a flash of what was to come when Teigen tweeted this:

That same year produced this classic:

Since 2016 though, Chrissy Teigen has turned into one of the most entertaining celebrities on social media, thanks to her unfiltered observations, knack for defending fellow celebrities, clapping back at critics in a manner that can only be described as DGAF, and making herself vulnerable in the hopes of making other women feel less alone.

When the public pries into her and Legend’s fertility issues, she makes no effort to bite her tongue if the question is frustrating and/ or judgey. After Teigen revealed she was undergoing IVF treatment, this happened:

When people kept posting photos of babies that “look more like John Legend than John Legend looks like John Legend,” Teigen got bored really quickly and shut that noise down:

A few months after Kanye West tweeted that his “biggest regret” was that he’d “never be able to see [him]self perform live,” Teigen seemed to be making fun, when she posted:

In 2017, Teigen’s social media use is now so prolific that, if her Twitter account was a TV show, it would be worthy of at least a weekly hour-long spot. What’s more, nothing about it would be boring. To give you some idea of the entertainment value involved in the last two weeks alone, Teigen has gifted us the following:

1. A brief analysis of 1984 horror classic, Children of the Corn, that included this gem:

2. A moment-by-moment reaction to a naked British dating show, which culminated in an incident involving room service and Teigen pretending to watch tennis:

3. The most succinct complaint about the constraints of motherhood ever:

4. Humorous takes on awkward situations:

5. Just your average, every day interactions with fellow Twitter users:

6. Political commentary/ Things most of the nation is thinking:

7. Excellently curated re-Tweets:

8. And a surprisingly dark sense of humor:

The days when Teigen and Legend team up online are particularly special. One day they got into it with Piers Morgan on Twitter, and the exchange looked like this:

While Teigen’s Cravings was the second best selling cookbook of 2016, Twitter remains the only form of media that has thus far been able to truly reflect her wit, smarts, and fiery personality. If someone could figure out a way to share that with the world, she’d finally have a TV format that worked for her.