Taylor Swift is Releasing New Music Tomorrow and the World Just Basically Stopped Turning

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Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for DIRECTV

We thought the only time this week that the nation would collectively stop and stare slack-jawed at something was on Monday, during the eclipse. But that was before Taylor Swift announced she had new music coming out this week, with this:

And also this:

And most tantalizingly of all, this:


The world knew something was up yesterday, when she posted a couple of shadowy videos of snakes, but now we've got ratty-sweater, greasy-hair, that-choker-looks-a-bit-tight-but-the-lipstick-is-still-perfection Taylor Swift, hysteria has fully kicked in.

She looks pissed, you guys, and -- as the long history of talking smack about her exes in song form proves -- Swift is at her best when she's pissed.

Predictably, Twitter had a lot to say for itself:

Hang onto your butts -- a new era is coming.