It's National Roller Coaster Day, You're Trapped at Work — We're Here to Help!

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YouTube/ Beyoncé "XO"

There should be a rule designating that National Roller Coaster Day always, always, always lands on a weekend. Throwing this tantalizing reminder of fun at America on a Wednesday, when most people are trapped indoors at work — or at the very least, stuck on regular, old, boring, flat ground — is, at best, cruel and unusual punishment.

So, for all of you desperate to join in but hopelessly unable to, we've compiled some music videos featuring pretty pop stars riding roller coasters and acting like they don't feel like puking because of it. Celebrities: Turns out they're NOT just like you and me.

Here's Mariah Carey, building up to her roller coaster ride via the medium of rollerblades (because: 1995) in the "Fantasy" video. We assume she got pretty sweaty in the process too, because clearly no one wants to sit next to her armpits on the ride. You have to freshen up after rollerblade-based exertion, Mariah! Or, you know... Just lower your arms or something...

Another lady having trouble putting her arms down is Beyoncé in the video for "XO," filmed on location at Brooklyn's magnificent Coney Island. This time around, no one cares (Bey has a rollercoaster buddy, thanks) -- probably because if anyone ever needed a guide on How to Look Inhumanly Amazing at a Funfair, it's basically this video. Look how Bey rides the Cyclone all laughing and relaxed, like that rickety thing hasn't been there since 1927. (It's 90, for God's sake!)


And look, filming in Coney Island doesn't instantly make music videos cool. Bon Jovi shot one there for their track "Rollercoaster " and it was decidedly underwhelming. (Strangely, given the song title, it didn't actually feature anyone on a roller coaster, which feels a lot like cheating.)

While Beyoncé manages to stay #flawless during her roller coaster ride, you'll not find a human more composed while upside down than Ms. Katy Perry. Earlier this year, she came up with what can only be described as the Hunger Games of Amusement Parks for her "Chained to the Rhythm" video, and promptly mimed along perfectly to her track while riding quite a serious coaster.

Major props to Perry for that. To put it in some perspective, consider that 50 Cent's "Amusement Park" video not only doesn't feature Fiddy on any rides at all, but includes two women who are supposed to be on a roller coaster but are, in fact, just sitting in a stationary car, attached to nothing, placed neatly in front of a photo depiction of what a roller coaster track might look like in real life. What a bunch of wusses! You show 'em, Perry!

Truly, the ladies run rings around the dudes on riding roller coasters for the sake of their art. For "Love Rollercoaster," the Red Hot Chili Peppers just had the whole thing animated. Sure, that lined up with the fact that the song was on the Beavis and Butthead Do America soundtrack, but we all know, deep down, getting on a coaster would have messed with Dave Navarro's eyeliner and immovable chin-beard something awful.

Hopefully, all of the above will have made you feel a little better about your lack of proximity to a roller coaster on this most special of days. If not, try to keep in mind that not every coaster will put a smile on your face. Just ask Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins...