New Evidence Suggests Kim Kardashian is Never Not Being Touched by Makeup Brushes

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Kim Kardashian took to social media today to defend her friend (frenemy?) Jeffree Star (someone who got famous on MySpace is still with us, you guys!), after he had some not-so-nice things to say about her makeup line. KK fans were upset by the criticism, so went after him online, bringing up his racist past. Kim made a couple of videos to first tell her fans to leave Jeffree alone, and then to state that she in no way defends racism.

The primary thing to take away from all this nonsense is that, based on the videos she posted, there doesn't seem to be a moment in Kim Kardashian's day where she's not being touched by makeup brushes.

It is probable that Kardashian carries an immunity to tickling:

Who do these disembodied hands even belong to?


Evidence abounds on her Instagram also:

Does she really never get the urge to slap all these hands away?

Would you want to be a professional Kardashian face-toucher?

Or ponytail wrangler?

Is the chin support separate to the eyebrow deal?

The questions mount.