In Defense of Pitbull's Teeny-Tiny Baseball Jersey

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This article is more than 5 years old.
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

On Monday, Pitbull performed at Miami Marlins Park for the annual MLB Home Run Derby, and the internet lost its damn mind over Mr. Worldwide's pairing of extremely tight white pants and a teeny-tiny baseball jersey.

Here's some chatter from Twitter:


Do any of these people know who Pitbull is? And what he usually looks like? Because it's this:

"Timber", YouTube

And also this:

"Greenlight"/ YouTube

And sometimes this (those gloves aren't just for baseball, guys):

"Greenlight"/ YouTube

But mostly this:

"Fun"/ YouTube

Pitbull is perpetually in clothes so tight, they look like they might pop off at any moment. That's his thing. His other thing? White. Dude loves wearing white -- even after Labor Day, like the wild man that he is! With this in mind, Pitbull's MLB outfit actually made ALL OF THE SENSE.

You have to wonder whether sports fans would have freaked out like this about, say, Ricky Martin, in the same outfit. Hard to imagine, right? Maybe the issue isn't the tightness of Pitbull's clothes, but rather the hetero of Pitbull's sexuality. (Rumors about his potential gay status have been splashed all over the internet for years -- probably thanks in part to his wardrobe -- despite a string of relationships with women and two children who were, as far as we know, conceived the old fashioned way.)

If the ladykiller vibes Pitbull portrays in his videos don't line up with his wardrobe -- at least according to what virile heterosexual men are "supposed" to wear -- we should applaud Pitbull as both a fashion rebel and a gender-role challenger. This guy summed it up pretty well:

It's not easy being sexy.