8 Problems You Can Solve Through the Power of Dance

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If the Fraggles were successful in getting just one message across to their audience, it was this: “dance your cares away/worries for another day.” The residents of Fraggle Rock, early adopters of the concept of positive manifestation, fully embraced the healing power of dance. Rather than reaching for the booze bottle as a coping mechanism, the Fraggles (and gaggles of others) reach for their dancing shoes. Even your health professional will tell you, when you’re having a tough time exercise is key. So what better exercise than one that makes you sweat and lets you express yourself? Dancing is magnificent, always working to help you increase your flexibility, your strength, your endurance and your sense of well-being, but also encouraging you to feel rhythm, let go, and just be yourself. Dance is transformative. An excellent way to cure what ails ya, from job frustrations to love woes, dance will save the day. It’s a problem solver, is what it is.

Problem: Bored Silly

Too much time on your hands? Not a problem at all, sir. Just put your focus on dance. You don’t have to prove anything other than your desire to break the monotony. Gather a group of your equally bored companions, maybe a few kids, too, and start choreographing your flash mob. If you do it right you will not only blow unsuspecting people’s minds, you’ll have fun as well. Bonus points for dancing to a musical medley and for being able to complete your choreography without intervention from the “authorities.”

Problem: Feeling Less Than Adequate

Is your looming high school reunion sending you down a psychotic spiral of StairMasters and  tanning beds, forcing you to question your self-worth as you measure yourself against your perceived success of your former classmates? Stop the insanity. Those jerks aren’t worth all that strife and you’re too awesome to let them get under your skin. Be brave, be bold, and show them who you really are. There’s no better way to do this than clearing a circle in the middle of the floor and dancing your heart out to your favorite song.

Problem: Career Facing Obscurity


If you’re a formerly successful Hollywood celebrity whose career hasn’t necessarily lived up to it’s potential, your fastest way back in the limelight these days is through dance. Slip into a slinky outfit and head for the ballroom on Dancing With the Stars. This will allow you back into the living rooms (and hearts) of millions of Americans as well as rejuvenate your career. Not to mention you’ll probably slim down while you’re sassing it up. It’s win, win, win.

Problem: Your Boss Just Doesn’t Understand

Sometimes jobs can be real soul-suckers. When your boss doesn’t understand the toll his demands are taking on your sanity and he won’t listen to reason, you”ll have to show him what you mean. No one can ignore a mid-office dance performance before their very eyes. Tap dancing about the issue may prove to be more effective than tap dancing around it.

Problem: Your Family Still Sees You As A Child

“But Mom, I’m an adult!” you shout as you stamp your feet. Still, your point isn’t really getting across. You need to take matters into your own hands. You need to dance about it. Once your loved ones catch a glimpse of your focus, passion and unbridled determination, they’ll be sure to treat you with the respect you deserve. If you play your cards right you’ll also earn the love and adoration of your sexy dance instructor. So get up there and, as my high school dance coach would say, dance it full out!

Problem: Bullies Got Ya Down

Everyone knows its just not cool to be a bully, but that doesn’t seem to stop them. Even as grown-ups we can’t always escape their low-level tactics. But no matter, we have the power of dance on our side. Next time a tough guy corners you for being on his turf, don’t shy away, step right up and dance in his face! Scare him away with your rhythm, showin’ how funky strong is your fight. Cause it doesn’t matter who's wrong or right as long as you’re dancing.

Problem: You Have To Entertain Your Boss’ Wife

When you’re just meeting an important someone for the first time the pressure to make a decent first impression is palpable. IF you find yourself running out of topics for conversation, you can always break the ice by entering a dance competition. Nothing helps two people get to know each other better than shaking their moneymakers for an audience of diner patrons.

Problem: You’re Stuck in a Bar Full of Bikers

If you suddenly find yourself in a room full of people to whom you cannot relate, consider utilizing dance to bridge your gaps. Though drawing attention to yourself may not initially seem smart, it’s likely your best bet. Jump on the bar and wiggle it around. If for some reason that doesn’t work, start to break stuff too, but don’t stop dancing. You’ll get their attention alright, and soon they’ll be laughing and dancing along with you.

So get out there and dance, you maniacs!