Get Ready to Bathe in Glitter Because Kesha is Staging a Comeback!

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Yesterday (Independence Day!), in what was a masterfully well-timed presentation of dramatic imagery, Kesha threw six photos up on Instagram to make one larger image. The fancy word for that is a hexaptych. We should use the fancy word, because Kesha deserves fancy things.

Here's the hexaptych in all its fancy glory:


A couple of days ago, Just Jared declared that Kesha "might" be releasing new music this week. Twitter has been awash with rumors too.

We don't know how Kesha is doing this, given all of the complicated legal wranglings with Dr. Luke that shut down her career in the first place, but, frankly, we don't care. Kesha is back, you guys! (Probably!)


So nice of her to give us an official heads up in advance; if "Praying" really is dropping on July 7, that gives fans everywhere two days to invest in new glitter bath bombs, pastel hair dye, flower crowns, bell bottoms, and whatever else they need to embrace their inner Kesha. The world is rooting for you, Kesha Rose!

UPDATE! Kesha has confirmed that "Praying" does, in fact, arrive tomorrow. Also, she "f**king loves you." (Thanks, Kesha!) See?