Amber Rose Just Made Piers Morgan Regret Mansplaining Feminism to Her

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This article is more than 6 years old.
Boy bye. Image: Emmanuel Hapsis

For much of Monday morning, Amber Rose and Piers Morgan exchanged increasingly jaw-dropping barbs on Twitter, after Morgan objected to Rose's partially nude promo photo for her upcoming Slutwalk (coming this October). Morgan responded to Rose's gorgeous, NSFW photo by reposting it on his Twitter page and asserting: "This is not feminism. It's attentionseekingism."

It's worth noting at this juncture that Piers Morgan has a history of body-shaming famous women. When Kim Kardashian posted one of her naked selfies (the one with the strategically placed black bars), Morgan referred to the photo as "absurd," and asked her, via Twitter: "Want me to buy you some clothes?"

On another occasion, Susan Sarandon's cleavage prompted this response:

Rose initially responded to Morgan's mansplaining of feminism with emojis and an upbeat note about bringing more attention to her cause. When Morgan then re-Tweeted one of his supporters saying "It's pornography. Period," Rose got more personal:


It was at this point that things went south rather rapidly. In an extremely ill-advised move, Morgan then decided to slut-shame the most famous anti-slut-shaming campaigner in America, tweeting: "You seem like the type of girl who'd star in it."

When men like Piers Morgan indulge in the consistent shaming of women, it is impossible for women everywhere not to wonder whether these aghast opinions are rooted in an underlying need to control women or in the body-shamer's own personal sexual hang-ups.

This morning, something about being publicly slut-shamed, while in the midst of promoting an anti-slut-shaming march, sent Amber Rose down a new and hilarious path: shaming Piers Morgan for his own sexual repression.

Rose was on a roll:

Morgan tried to keep up, but was obviously a little flustered by the sex talk:

Rose was relentless:

In the end, Morgan hid behind British customs and asked if Rose would like to have a cup of tea and "discuss where you're going wrong re feminism." Still not one to be cowed, Rose suggested the two of them hash this discussion out on one of their shows and Morgan said he would get "my people to talk to your people."

If you examine Piers Morgan's Twitter profile, it is clear that, far more often than not, he is the argument starter. He couldn't even get out of the discussion with Amber Rose today without taking a swipe at Lady Gaga at the end. So there is an argument to be made here that Morgan is little more than a high-profile troll. One could argue that he gets himself into these public spats and spends his time swiping at people more famous than him on social media, in order to maintain his own public profile.

Today though, Morgan accidentally did something useful: he did Amber Rose a favor by raising the profile of her third annual Slutwalk (over three months before it's even due to happen), while also inadvertently demonstrating why Slutwalks are so necessary and important for modern, assertive women.

What conservative male public figures don't seem to understand every time they tell a feminist she's doing feminism wrong is that it only serves to motivate other feminists. (See also: Rush Limbaugh attacking Sandra Fluke, and Bill O'Reilly repeatedly asserting that women are treated fairly and equally, while paying out $13 million to suppress sexual harassment cases from being brought against him.)

Morgan's belief that feminism and sexuality do not and cannot mix is ridiculous and hideously outdated, yet many conservatives cling to it, in an attempt to shame women out of taking charge of their own bodies. Amber Rose, in her typically unflappable manner, provided a means to shut that nonsense down in a manner that is playful, entertaining, challenging, and, best of all, embarrassing for the shamer.

For every woman who has ever had their own sexuality judged, analyzed, and dissected by a man in their vicinity, watching a smug and stuffy middle-aged man try to shut down a confident, powerful woman is usually excruciating. Somehow, today, Amber Rose managed to flip the script and come out on top. And it was glorious.