Key & Peele Tackle Race Relations with Comedy

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Key & Peele
Key & Peele

Post by contributor Jamedra Brown Fleischman

Looking to add a touch of comedy to your viewing repertoire? Why not challenge your racial boundaries along the way with the season premiere of Comedy Central’s Key & Peele? Bi-racial comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele aren’t afraid to broach the touchy topic of race and endeavor into the funny nuances of everyday awkward moments. The sketch comedy show, sandwiched nicely between South Park and The Daily Show offers some comic relief for those longing for the legendary Chappelle Show days of yesteryear.
The comedic duo has made no secret of their goal to challenge race relations through humor.

There was the role reversal of the tough talking inner city veteran teacher who finds himself substituting in a suburban school (à la Dangerous Minds in reverse):

And the Michigan highway patrolman who seamlessly teeters between profiling and magic tricks:

And the colleagues casually dining in a soul food restaurant determined to “out black” one another:

All of these skits seem designed to illicit laughs that may blossom into substantive dialogue about race. But Key and Peele shouldn’t be pigeonholed as a comedic one note. The pair also pokes fun at relationships, competitive camaraderie and all around life. You can check out the season 3 premiere of Key & Peele tonight at 10:30pm on Comedy Central!