What Your Friends Are Listening To: New Music To Love

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Via tempersmusic.

Every once in a while a song/band comes along that just sweeps me up in an extra dramatic way. The latest of these spells has been woven by Tempers, whose songs are danceable and melancholy, which is only the best combination ever. They are a photogenic duo who sulk in wine bars and are inspired by Latvian dance clubs. In short, there’s nothing not to love. Sadly they only have 3 ½ songs and are apparently really taking their time on that full-length. They mostly play in NYC and have a minimalist website. So I must somehow satisfy myself with making multiple Spotify playlists that contain one or all of their songs and writing short stories that visually incorporate or respond to my favorite lyrics (“born to die in a seaside casino,” for example). Instead of writing an entire article about three songs and the subtle nuances of my fixation (though I could), I thought I’d ask around and see what songs my friends can't get enough of these days. Included below are their answers, a random and specific “mixed tape” of the moment.

-The members of Desert Relay Fever Dream are listening to The Fall, Buck Owens and Tiger Trap. They also just went to see Soft Metals and can't stop listening to "In the Air." Don't miss DRFD playing Monday, August 5 at The Knockout with Voco and Roland (full disclosure: I'm married to one of them).

-My magical pen-pal and Chicago playwright, Calamity West, is listening to Fiona Apple's "Hot Knife." Bonus points for this video by Paul Thomas Anderson that she sent along too.

-The dreamy Jared Harrell, an NYC-based photographer, is listening to "Centuries" by Emika.

-Jesse Sposato, a Brooklyn writer and musician, is writing about and loving the awesome Desert Stars (who I'm stealing as an addition to my list of new music to love).

-Video artist, Christina Corfield,has been listening to "Quicksand" by David Bowie.


-The SF writer, Lisa Gordon, is really into "Bravado" by Lorde and also says it's time to listen to TLC's "Creep" again (I agree!).

-My teenage students weren't too keen to give me the dirt beyond Drake, but finally said J. Cole is who grown-ups need to know about (especially "Power Trip" and "Crooked Smile").

-The Sundays' old-school sad/sweet "Here's Where The Story Ends" is alleviating the existential terror of my friend Matt Jent who just moved across the country to California. I also sent him this.

-My ever-hip sister is listening to Appaloosa while educating the best and brightest at a contractually not-to-be-mentioned Ivy League.

-Jewelry designer Melissa Cohen is often telling me about my new favorite band before I know they are. Right now she's listening to "Won't You Listen" by Daughn Gibson.

-Joanna Lioce, one half of the not-to-be-missed local duo David & Joanna calls Tim Cohen's Magic Trick's "I Looked Up " alarmingly sweet and beautiful, and warns that we will all be hooked on "Call Me In The Day" by La Luz (she's right!).

-Leuwam Tesfai took a break from studying for the bar to say she's been listening to Air France's "Collapsing Outside Your Doorstep."

-Robyn Marsh, SF stylist and costume designer, is loving Metronomy's "Everything Goes My Way."

-Justin Loney of The Mantles recommends "Sanity" by Juan Wuaters.

Thankfully not all of my friends wrote me back to my musical inquiries because I'd be here all day listening and falling in love. Prince Rama's "Those Who Live For Love Will Live" was also mentioned as a recent song on loop, and seems a fitting place to end.

See below for a Spotify playlist of all the recommended songs I could find. Thanks, friends! What are you listening to and loving right this second? I want to know!