Downton Abbey Recap: Ladies Night

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coraDear Gentle Reader: SPOILER ALERT. This is a recap of an episode of a television show. I'm going to be giving things away. A lot of things. All the things. You can even call me Ethel if you want to.

We begin on a somber day in Downton. Everyone is still in black. Sybil is dead. Have you come to terms with it yet? Are you still wearing black too?

There's a serious chill in the air between Lord and Lady Grantham. Lady Grantham appears to be on the verge of total insanity. I guess that'll happen when you lose two babies in three seasons. But don't worry Mama, I am sure your little Sybil is going to go on to do some really great movie work!

Down at Isobel's, it's clear Ethel knows a thing or two about losing children. Maybe not cooking, but definitely losing kids. And pleasuring a certain type of gentleman. We all have our skill sets.

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