How To Survive BARTocalypse

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Photo by Lizzy Acker

*Updated for BARTocalypse 2.0: The October Edition on October 17, 2013*

For the second time (the first time being this summer) since 1997, it looks as though BART will be going on strike tomorrow. Whichever side of the Bay you live on, however you are employed, even if you are a super-rich penthouse dweller with a driver, this shutdown is guaranteed to have some impact on your life. Things will take longer or not happen. People will be sassier. Buses, smellier. But here at KQED Pop we believe in making lemons into lemonade. What follows are four ways to endure BARTocalypse 2013 with a smile on your face.

1. Ride your bike everywhere!

The sun is shining! The temperature isn't supposed to get below 70 degrees until this weekend! So break out the bike, put a little grease on your chain and find your helmet. This is the perfect week to start bike commuting, just like you said you would two years ago when you bought that bike.

2. Take a boat!


Did you know that the San Francisco Bay is littered with ferries? There is no more romantic way to commute than by boat. Bring your sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat and stand outside for the entire adventure. It's just like being on the Titanic only less inking.

3. Get an East Bay pen pal!

Now that you are stranded on an island, you probably won't be seeing your East Bay friends (or San Francisco friends if you live in the East Bay) anytime soon. That's okay because absence makes the heart grow fonder! It's just like that time you went to Europe but better because you speak the language and get to sleep in your own bed every night. Get all your friends' addresses and send them postcards from the Mission (or Temescal) saying, "Wish you were here!"

4. Take a day off!

In 1997 the BART strike lasted for six days. In July it lasted for four and a half days. Back then it was Fourth of July and I suggested making it an adventure summer week by using this guide to help you call in BART strike and do all the summer-y Bay Area things you've been meaning to do for years, like surfing in Santa Cruz and canoeing on the Russian River. Now that it's October, it's ACTUALLY BAY SUMMER. Now's the time to really appreciate the outdoors, without the masses of tourists. And since the government is finally working again, why not hit up a park like Alcatraz or the Golden Gate Recreation Area? It's going to be in the 70's all week!

5. Use your time to make an epic Halloween costume!

Let's be honest: you're working from home for as long as this thing lasts. Get your work done fast and then get out the art supplies and start making the Halloween costume of your dreams. With no bosses and only your cat to keep you company, this year you can really focus on making a costume that will be worthy of the party* (*movie night at home with yourself) that you are planning on attending. Bonus: make an authentic BART Strike costume. Use your imagination! Send me pictures!

So don't let the strike get you down! Just remember, it could always be worse. For example, the strike could be happening during the Thanksgiving or a rainstorm! Happy strike friends!