Goodbye, Liz Lemon! We Will Love And Cherish You Forever

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Once upon a time, before November 11, 2006, we lived in a world without Liz Lemon. And after tonight, we will reenter that world. It will be a place without weekly televised dramatic eye-rolls, '80s sci-fi references, strange sandwich proclivities and "blergs." Of course, we will always have the internet, but, I don't know, it won't be the same. 30 Rock had its bad times (I'm looking at you season six), but in the last few weeks it seems to have regained the nonsense hilarity that made it so watchable in the first place. It's nice to see a show go out strong, especially when that show's star and creator is someone as smart and actually sort of ethical as Tina Fey. She seems to actually care about making the world a better place by putting funny, but still multidimensional characters on TV, unlike the bottom-line lovers who invent shows for maximum profit.

Anyway, NBC airs the series finale of one of the greatest comedies of the decade at 8pm tonight. With hilarious sitcoms like The Mindy Project and Happy Endings waiting in the wings for prime-time domination, it is the perfect time for 30 Rock to take its final bow. Instead of disappointment and discussions of shark jumping moments, we will always get to remember the magic of Liz Lemon and the genius of Tina Fey. We will miss you lady! Have a wonderful future!