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How to Help Families and Loved Ones of Victims of the Oakland Fire

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Flowers outside the police line following the fire at Ghost Ship, an Oakland warehouse.  (Photo: Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

The fire at the Ghost Ship warehouse in Oakland has resulted in 33 confirmed fatalities and counting. Many are wondering how they can help. Here's a list of five fundraisers and ongoing relief efforts.

Primary Fundraiser: Fire Relief Fund for Victims of Ghost Ship Oakland Fire

This fundraiser was launched the morning after the fire, and has amassed over $200,000 and counting. "As soon as we know the full scope of this tragedy," organizers say, "we will work to distribute appropriately, and of course for funeral expenses the funds will go to the victims' families." The fundraiser is organized by Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, a reliable and respected nonprofit located in the former Grand Theater in San Francisco's Mission District. Donate here.

Oakland A's and Oakland Raiders Matching-Funds Fundraiser

Within a day, the Oakland A's launched a fundraiser to match donations up to $20,000; the Oakland Raiders soon joined. The response has been overwhelming enough that the matched donation level keeps rising. At press time, your donation will be matched by the MLB and NFL teams up to $50,000 each. (The Golden State Warriors have announced a $50,000 donation to the Unity Council, a nonprofit in the Fruitvale District where the fire occurred.) Donate here.

Ghost Ship Fire: Residents Support

While many of the fire's victims were attendees of the party, this fundraiser is for "the 20 residents who have lost their home and all their belongings," according to organizers. The fund is facilitated by filmmaker Reina Lam. Several residents were in attendance; all of them lost all of their belongings. Donate here.

Resources to Support Ghost Ship

If you can't spare a cash donation but are able to help in other ways, this Google doc lists people who are able lend support and resources to those affected by the fire. It is being shared publicly for people looking for assistance. If you're able to take in loved ones traveling from long distances, or residents displaced, or even just offer rides, food or other help, add your name and contact information to the document.

Oakland Firefighters: Random Acts of Kindness

The psychological toll on firefighters searching through debris for victims can be intense. One way to help firefighters is to donate to the Oakland firefighters' "Random Acts of Kindness" fund, used for exactly what its title promises. After 911 calls or emergencies, firefighters often encounter people in need, and the fund is used for surprises like the one seen below -- a good way to mitigate feelings of hopelessness. Donate here.


For those looking for spaces to collectively mourn and be there for each other, here's a list of benefits, vigils and other events happening around the Bay Area for those affected by the Oakland fire:

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